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Rhino Coffee Gear hand grinder. Stainless steel housing and ceramic burrs, with stepped adjustment knob.

Height with grinder arm attached: 17cm (6.69 in)
Length of grinder arm: 15cm (5.9 in)
Weight: 500g (1.10 lbs)
Bean capacity: 42g
Extra information from Rhino Coffee Gear's website:
  • Quality food grade stainless steel housing making cleaning easy - also reduces static
  • Tested and certified as food safe by an independent laboratory; peace of mind for you
  • Conical ceramic burrs ensuring a clean grind - the burrs stay sharp longer, don't rust and are easier to clean
  • A simple adjustment allows for a range of grind types
  • A convenient and protective carry bag
  • Smooth grinding motion
  • Superior particle size distribution

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