Opened in April 2011, Bluebeard Coffee Roasters is a 253rd wave coffee company delivering a world-class suite of coffees to an expanding market of coffee lovers in and around beautiful Tacoma, WA.

First and foremost, the proof is in the cup. We consider our roasting style to be the Perfect Medium. Deep enough to develop sweetness and depth, light enough to leave the subtleties -- berry, citrus, spice, floral characteristics, etc. -- intact. A fine balance of heat, gas pressure, air flow, time and judgement.

At Bluebeard we sample and buy the very best beans we can source. We pay at the top of the market for unique and compelling coffees from throughout Latin America, Indonesia and East Africa, largely. And we believe our roasting process brings out the very best in those beans.

The big secret to Bluebeard’s eventual success is no great secret. We buy neat coffees. We roast them well on a beautific 12-kilo Probat drum roaster. We extract them precisely and look to find and teach others to do the same.

We are excited about the process, taking the scenic route to get there. We’ll keep our eyes on the coffee at all times. We’ll tell you what we can deliver, and little else. We will remember to smile and laugh with our customers and at ourselves.