Bluebeard is looking for a few good places to feature our fine coffees. Roasting small lots of fantastic coffee from well-paid producers on a 12-kilo Probat, Bluebeard is confident in our coffees’ outstanding flavors and provenance, the quality of our service, and depth of our interest and knowledge.

First and foremost, the proof is in the cup. We consider our roasting style to be the Perfect Medium. Deep enough to develop sweetness and depth, light enough to leave the subtleties -- berry, citrus, spice, floral characteristics, etc. -- intact. A fine balance of heat, air flow, time and judgement. 

We supply, re-sell, and install top-of-the-line coffee equipment. Don't be afraid to ask us before you buy. If we can't supply it for you outright, we are happy to pass along deep discounts from a suite of top coffee equipment manufacturers.

Training is important and simple. The better trained and informed our wholesale partners are in describing and extracting Bluebeard Coffee, the better both of us look and taste. We want to spend time with you.

Coffee. People. Coffee People.  

Write us at for wholesale interest or inquiries.