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It's the new Big Easy. Pick your recurring coffee plan. Take nap. Drink great coffee. Repeat.

Coffee Selections:

  • Roaster's Choice: A rotating selection of new crop single origin coffees and the occasional signature blend.
  • The Narrows Espresso Blend or El Capitan Latin Blend: Our year-round in-house standard bearers.
  • Now choose Decaf: EA Sugar Cane Amigos de Huila Decaf! 

Quantity and Frequency: Anywhere from one 12 oz. bag monthly to 10 lbs. weekly. Deliveries and payment are recurring based upon your preferences.

Roaster's Choice subscription includes a rotating selection of fresh crop, seasonal single origin coffees and blends. Two bag subscriptions will include different coffees with each shipment. You can choose multiple subscriptions in order to get, for instance one El Capitan, one EA Decaf, and one rotating selection with each delivery. 

Your first delivery and recurring shipments follow our regular roast schedule. Thank you!