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Notes of juicy grapefruit citrus, cranberry, lemon & brown sugar

Grower: Barichu Farmers Cooperative
Washing Station: Gatomboya
Process & Variety: Washed SL 24 & SL28
Region: Karatina Town, Nyeri
Altitude: 1800+ masl

Gatomboya is one of the four washing stations in the Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society, along with Karatina, Karindundu and Gaturiri. The Barichu FCU services 4000 smallholder coffee producers. Gatomboya specifically services around a quarter of those. Apart from its outstanding flavor complexity, Gatomboya is highly regarded for the strong management of the cooperative society behind the mill and for its treatment of member producers and local community. The Cooperative Society built a coffee shop on the factory grounds that services travelers on the nearby road. The income of this shop helps lower the overhead costs for the management of the cooperative and factories.

Gatomboya Washing Station lies close to Karatina town in Nyeri county, well-known for its great quality and intense, complex flavor profiles. Slightly over 80% of all coffee production in Nyeri comes from smallholder farmers. The majority of them make up the county’s 23 different cooperative societies.