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Tasting Notes: Date Sugar, grape, cocoa and orange zest. Sweet and balanced, cocoa body. Crowd pleaser.

Grown by Cooperativa Maranura
Location: La Convencion, Cusco, Peru
Elevation: 1500-1700 masl
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha
Certified Organically Grown and Fair Trade

Additional info from our import partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants:

Maranura is a relatively new partner we started working with amidst the early days of the pandemic. Although they’ve been in operation since 1960, we actually made the initial connection via Facebook in 2020. Our purchases from them have been small but mighty. Founded in the La Convencion region of Cusco in Southern Peru, the region where Red Fox got its start, their 200+ producers span the districts of Maranura, Vilcabamba, Choquemayo, Echarati, and Santa Teresa and produce Bourbon, Typica, and Gesha at around 1600 masl.

Typical flavor notes include pear, citrus, green apple, date sugar, and all manner of chocolate.

In terms of production, Maranura has a technical department that trains partners in best practices for environmental preservation. Most are certified organic and the rest are in transition; all are certified Fair Trade. They compost their own organic fertilizers out of plant remains from their own farms, trying to give back to the earth as much as they’re extracting. All members are also part of a reforestation plan as well as trained in managing solid waste and wildlife conservation.

Maranura houses a women’s committee that produces organic vegetables for communal food security and also delivers training on a variety of relevant subjects for growth and diversification. They have an industrial plant for local sale of roasted ground coffee to the community.