Rigo Belarcazar | Nariño, Colombia

Notes: Raspberry, brown sugar, cinnamon & mandarin. Medium body.  

La Union, Departamento de Nariño, Colombia
Varietal: Castillo
Elevation: 1800 masl
Process: Fully washed

More details about this coffee from Red Fox Coffee Merchants:

Colombia has been the foundation on which we’ve been able to stand and deliver our message to the specialty roasting community all over the world. Aleco’s 11-year relationship with FUDAM has been rewarded with success in quality and new discoveries. FUDAM (Fundacion Agraria y Ambiental) is a producer association based in the province of La Union in Northern Nariño. The group was founded in 1999, formally legalized in 2000, and is run by the sister and brother team of Raquel and Jeremias Lasso. The Lasso family is from Buenos Aires de Cartago which borders the city of La Union. Forty-four members from both Cartago and La Union comprised the group’s membership in 2000 and it has since grown to 130 members in 2017. Over the past 18 years, FUDAM has expanded into the surrounding areas of San Lorenzo, Taminango, Arboleda, Belén, Cartago, Genova, and now deep into the reaches of Tablón de Gomez, increasing their membership and parchment volume.

Traditionally coffees from these further reaches of Northern Nariño were collected by coyotes (intermediary buyers) and taken to Buesaco, which is the main hub for parchment trading in Northern Nariño. With cash in hand, these intermediaries were often able to purchase parchment coffees from these producers at levels much lower than what they should get for the quality. Together with FUDAM, we create the necessary incentive for these producers to step away from these coyotes.

Processing is done in traditional smallholder fashion — coffee fruit is manually depulped by either hand or rigged with motors, fermentation occurs in small concrete or tiled tanks and sometimes plastic buckets, then, washing is done in the same tanks. Parabolic dryers are common, though covered patios are found on occasion.

Rigo Arbey Belarcazar Muñoz began cultivating coffee on finca El Ohasis in 2010. The harvest period in La Unión in between the months of May and September. The average age of the coffee trees is six years old and fertilized with both organic and inorganic fertilizers. Rigo also is in the process of growing grapes to make wine. One of the biggest challenges faced this year was a lessening workforce for hire during the harvest season.