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Flavor Notes: Tangerine, apricot, cocoa & black tea

Farm: Kimel River Estate
Region: Waghi Valley, Western Highlands
Grade & Process: Washed AA
Altitude: 1580 masl
Source Partner: OLAM Specialty Coffee

PNG, it's dynamite! Although less common than the Americas and East Africa for us, we admire the uniqueness and breadth of Pacific Island and Indonesian coffees, and are excited to bring in such a clean, bright, dense, floral and juicy coffee that should please the palates of lots and lots of coffee lovers.

This washed AA comes from the Kimel Estate, located in the Waghi Valley of Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands. Founded in 1974 by an Australian named Bobby Gibbs, the farm was purchased by a collaboration of local indigenous tribal groups in 1979. Kimel Estate is now 100% owned by the indigenous population.

The estate boasts a permanent workforce of over 400, and housing, fresh water, schools and medical services are provided on the farm.  With its own on site processing, the farm has employed recycling practices for the coffee pulp and water from the nearby Kimel river, and grows its coffee under the shade of Grevalia and Albizia trees.