Bluebeard Reserva | Oaxaca, Mexico
Bluebeard Reserva | Oaxaca, Mexico Bluebeard Reserva | Oaxaca, Mexico Bluebeard Reserva | Oaxaca, Mexico Bluebeard Reserva | Oaxaca, Mexico Bluebeard Reserva | Oaxaca, Mexico

Flavor notes: Cherry cordial, cocoa nibs, ginger & orange.

Oaxaca Brigada Competition Finalist coffees from Guadalupe Miramar grown by:

Benito Ortiz Lopez
Venancio Castro Aparicio
Bartolome Pacheco Garcia
Robert Jeronimo Garcia

Bluebeard was ecstatic to join Red Fox Coffee Merchants in Oaxaca at the beginning of March of this year. And the coffees did not disappoint, as we secured our previously released coffee, Loxicha lot #2 from Guadalupe Miramar, which sits within the Santa Maria Yucuhiti municipality in the Mixteca zone in the mountainous west of the state of Oaxaca. Mixteca is the name of both the primary indigenous group and the local primary language in Miramar and surrounding communities in Yucuhiti.

The trip was centered around a Brigada -- a cupping competition, tasting and judging of 30 top lots from the community from which the top 10 would awarded for their efforts with a ceremony and celebration in the community as well as healthy premiums paid for the top 10. We previously released one Brigada winning bag containing the #2, 7 & 10 placing coffees. And are now very excited to release this larger lot of our favorite coffees from that competition, many of which were at the top of our list, but did place in the consensus top 10. This may just be the best blend of the bunch.

Unfortunately, a global pandemic was blooming at precisely this moment in time and we cut our trip short and canceled farm and community visits so that there was no possibility of delivering the virus deep into the mountains of Oaxaca, where these beautiful coffees grown. Despite the abbreviated visit, we came away with huge admiration for Oaxaca, its people, coffees and spirits(!), and the gathering of coffee people present.

More infomation on Red Fox Coffee Merchants presence in Guadalupe Miramar can be found here: Paying For Coffee, Oaxaca edition | Red Fox Coffee Merchants


Municipality: Santa Maria Yucuhiti
Association Organizer: Cecilio Perez Vasquez
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Elevation: 1450-1900 masl
Process: Fully washed
Source and Import Partner: Red Fox Coffee Merchants