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Tasting Notes: Syrupy and sweet. Notes of guava and watermelon and candied almond.

Growers: David & Luis Joaquin Lovo
Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Process & Variety: Washed Caturra
Altitude: 1400+ masl

The second little lot of four concurrent Nueva Segovia de Nicaragua coffee releases, Finca La Pradera Honey Washed Caturra is exactly what we are looking for in a Bluebeard Coffee Roasters coffee. The coffee is syrupy and sweet and comforting, but never boring. Candied almond and cocoa give heft to this coffee, but there’s a tropical element hidden within the cup too, a guava and melon note. It’s a classic coffee with some mischief, just like the gentlemen who owns and manage these coffee farms.

The Lovo brothers, Luis Joaquin and David, own and manage three contiguous farms in the Dipilto mountain range in northern Nueva Segovia. They are clearly partners in the family business and buen compadres. David freely admits that although he owns Finca La Pradera, adjacent to his brothers’ Bella Aurora and Santa Teresa, Luis Joaquin is the coffee man. David manages the family’s cattle ranch and has dabbled in politics. They see this as smart diversification within the family business. They are a quite a duo.

The thing that sticks out about the Lovo coffee farms is how familial it felt on the farms. We met three generations working together in our last trip south in 2019, el Abuelo with 50 years on the farm. The smiles, the warm greetings, the meals and community areas surrounding each wet mill, went beyond the usual ‘our workers are our family’ marketing speak. The affinity for one another was plain and clear and easily understood when you spent time on the Lovo farms and with the family, as we were lucky enough to do over successive days. 

Not so surprisingly, coffee isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Not here where we’re roasting it and particularly not down there at this moment, where political conditions compound issues of market, labor, climate and pestilence. Coffee work reminds me a bit of life in Tacoma, in a way. You probably aren't here because of it's easy. It’s not glamorous. It's been known to smell. And there’s still lots of heavy lifting to be done. But it is SO worth fighting to preserve. More than most things. 

One other thing about these Lovos. They are rascals. They are funny. There’s a mischievous glint in their eyes. And they are up to something. We loved them immediately. In our last visit, we laughed and ate late into the evening together on their porch at their little rustic ranch in Mozonte. We rode horses and drank rum and coconut water, belly laughed, and we can’t wait to go back. Put that in the cupping notes.

A great coffee from even better people. We are so pleased to offer it to you once again. 

-Kevin McGlocklin