Kiambu Tasiwa | Kiambu, Kenya
Kiambu Tasiwa | Kiambu, Kenya Kiambu Tasiwa | Kiambu, Kenya

Notes:  Kiwi, pineapple, brown sugar. Tart & juicy.

Process: Fully washed
SL28 variety, AB screen Size
Produced by: Stanley Muthiora
Komothai, Kiambu County
Altitude: 1650- 1750 masl

Additional information from our friends at Shared Source who imported this coffee:

"Selectively harvested red cherries are delivered to the wet-mill and depulped same day. Cherries are sorted prior to depulping to remove over and under-ripe fruit that negatively affect fermentation. Clean river water is used in the milling process and a disc depulper is used. The water is re-circulated to reduce waste before being decontaminated in purpose-built pits. Sun drying takes place on raised beds, covered during peak sunlight hours."

Origin photo courtesy of Shared Source.