Karatu AA | Tanzania

Tasting Notes: Apricot, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Lemon and Red Flower. Sweet and refreshing, with a healthy cocoa body for a washed African coffee.

Farm: Karatu Estate
Variety: N39 Bourbon 
Grade: AA
Region: Ngorongoro Crater, Karatu
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1700-2000 masl

The Karatu coffee estate is located in the ring of Ngorongoro crater in Karatu. The name Ngorongoro originates from the local Maasai people after the sound that a cowbell makes, ngoro ngoro. 

The estate is covered with dark volcanic soil, receives between 70-80 centimeters of rain per year, the bulk of which falls March, April and May. The main variety grown in Tanzania is a Bourbon variant called N39, developed by the Tanzanian Coffee Research Institute for disease resistance and productivity.

This coffee reminds of us of a combination of a clean washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and nice Colombian Nariño, clean and sweet, fruity and bright but with a healthy cocoa body filling it out. We first sourced this coffee in 2019 for its sweetness and fruit characteristics in our Narrows Espresso Blend, but also found it to be a wonderful stand alone, perfect for summer refreshment. An unexpected gem from a place Bluebeard is excited to explore further when the world allows it.