Javier Martinez | Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Javier Martinez | Huehuetenango, Guatemala Javier Martinez | Huehuetenango, Guatemala Javier Martinez | Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Tasting Notes: Sweet and smooth with lots of caramel and chocolate beneath pear and orange blossom.

Welcome back, Javier. Just you try to have a bad day with this gentleman’s coffee in your mug.

Produced by Javier Martinez
Location: Peña Roja, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Parcels: Flor del Cafe & El Aguacatal
Elevation: 1780 masl
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra 

Additional information from our import partners at Shared Source:

Javier Martinez lives and produces coffee in Peña Roja in Huehuetenango, and his farm extends up to 1780 masl. He fully dedicates himself to coffee production, meaning that he doesn’t have another job in town. He has two coffee parcels --Flor del Cafe and El Aguacatal, which he manages with his mother, Porfiria Martinez. He primarily farms Caturra and Bourbon varietals. This year Javier worked to add even more shade trees to his farm. Shade trees can be so crucial to keep moisture trapped in soils, and can also protect the coffee from cold temperatures earlier in the harvest, and he’s feeling good about the addition of even more shade trees.

Javier has come up with a unique system to homogenize fermentation in processing. 24 hours after de-pulping cherries the coffee finishes fermentation over a further 12 hours in fresh cold water before being fully washed. The controlled temperatures and prolonged time in anaerobic conditions contribute to a very clean, bright and creamy coffee. 

In terms of pricing transparency, Shared Source provided Javier with pre-finance to help him with cash flow before finishing the bulk of his harvest, and paid an average of 1375 quetzals/quintal (100lbs of parchment coffee) for the two lots that were blended together for his coffee. For context, the local price hovered between 500-600 quetzales/quintal in Huehuetenango this year.

Javier uses the word calidad -- quality, in spanish -- repeatedly as he walks the farm, he’d point out specific shade tree techniques and end his sentences by just repeating, "calidad, calidad".  Es la verdad, Javier. Thanks.